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PHP offers unmatched authenticity and simplistic open source platform. Companies all over the world are drawn to its utmost flexibility and convenience. Develop highly reliable and secure web applications. Get PHP Project training from the masters to start integrating on PHP and be the next trend-setter. Strategic learning from expert instructors from the field .Guided practice on real-world-examples .Deal with real application development challenges .Interactive learning sessions with faculty and other students .Flexible schedules. we provide candidates to learn one advance framework of their own choice with us, once there core portion gets completed.

An open-source platform. Android offers development opportunities to talented developers. It spoils its users with a variety of compelling apps to choose from. Now it’s time to get Android Project Training from our Android mavericks. We have the recipe to create apps on a universally-adored platform. Strategic learning from expert instructors from the field.Guided practice on real-world-examples .Deal with real application development challenges .Interactive learning sessions with faculty and other students .

Acra provides java project training. Our expert trainers have sound knowledge in the technical areas and share the same with our each and every student to win the competitive edge. Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded and mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. With more than 9 million developers worldwide, Java enables you to efficiently develop, deploy and use exciting applications and services.

There is a myth among many people that UI & UX are the same thing but that’s not true. UI is an acronym for User Interface Design while UX is an acronym for User Experience Design. UX Design focus more on the analytical and technical side of the things while UI design is more related to the typical graphic design. But both are crucial aspects of designing. We at Acra are providing the most comprehensive training on Front End Development which includes both UI as well as the UX. we have a set of experts designers who will work with the student to make them a professional designer which can take up any complex design challenge in the industry.

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"AimCrafters – Acra” not only believes in providing services and solutions in IT Sector. But we also believe in spreading knowledge of our sector among students & preformed developers to enhance their skills according to present market scenarios & trends. Trends in terms we provide them knowledge and training in the languages or their different frameworks, so they can easily make them stabilize in the current IT world or we can say current IT Sector. Our main agenda behind providing live training to students is to provide them training in such a way that from the beginning of their learning phase there concepts, basics and fundamentals regarding their particular platforms should be very clear. So in future after keeping their footsteps in the real world they should be capable of make them stand in huge crowd with great confidence. They should not get dejected due to any reasons in their own field.

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